Workplace Ergonomics

Comprehensive Injury Prevention and Ergonomic Solutions

Compass Physical Therapy partners with organizations to provide customized workplace ergonomic and injury prevention solutions throughout the Western North Carolina region. Work related injuries are more common than you might imagine. In 2021, workplace injuries cost US business more than 1 billion dollars per week. Prioritize the safety of your workers by implementing our cost-effective programs.

Lower Risk and Protect Employees

Our team is led by licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy with extensive knowledge of workplace injuries. Using our vast rehabilitation experience and biomechanical knowledge, we help organizations select the right employees to handle the specific job demands, lower the injury risk throughout the workplace, and quickly treat injuries should they occur. Save yourself stress, frustration, and costs by hiring people fit for each job, implementing preventive measures, and being prepared with our team of experts readily available.

Prevent Injuries and Boost Productivity

Keeping your employees protected in a safer environment enables you to prevent injuries sustained at work and keep your workers busy completing essential tasks. When you work with our licensed physical therapists, we start with an in-depth assessment of your unique work environment and the jobs your employees are responsible for before providing customized solutions that meet your organization’s needs. Partner with us to discover ways to create a safer environment for your employees that will boost morale and productivity while protecting your bottom line.

Our Workplace Solutions Include:

Virtual First Aid Services

Our virtual aid solution is an alternative to conventional onsite services. With priority scheduling options, work-related musculoskeletal disorders can be rapidly and affordably managed using this strategy.

Job Demand Analysis

A planned procedure for identifying a job's unique physical and environmental requirements to create realistic job descriptions to ensure greater compatibility between applicant and job demands.

Ergonomic Evaluations, Workshops and Program Development

This customized program teaches participants how to administer a comprehensive ergonomics program that is specifically adapted to the demands of each participant's work environment.

On-Site Wellness Provider

An onsite wellness and safety specialist will provide real time education and ergonomic training as well quickly address workplace injuries.

Physical Therapy

Our skilled physical therapists will assess your symptoms and create a comprehensive treatment plan that will guide your worker's compensation recovery.


Pre-Employment Screenings

Determine if a candidate can safely perform the essential functions of the offered position.