Workplace Wellness

Comprehensive Injury Prevention and Ergonomic Solutions

The workplace ergonomic and injury prevention experts at Compass Physical Therapy are excited to offer the first comprehensive workplace injury-prevention and ergonomics services in Western North Carolina both on-site and telehealth.


The benefits include cost-effective and customizable injury-prevention services, first aid, innovative ergonomic and safety solutions, embedded on-site wellness specialists and the ability to be more selective with hiring.

Smart, Sustainable & Customized

Our team is lead by licensed doctors of physical therapy with advanced training to prevent and treat workplace injuries. Each inquiry starts with an assessment of your unique workplace needs, leading to sustainable solutions tailored to reduce injuries and maintain a culture of workplace safety and well-being

Injury Prevention and First Aid

We provide cost-effective solutions that are customized to your individual work environment and job demands. We offer a complete package of solutions tailored to the needs of your organization. The benefits of our services range from ensuring that new hires are fit for the demands of the job to substantially decreasing workers compensation injuries.  Our first aid services offer expedient and cost effective management of workplace MSD injuries.

Dr. Mark Kevern PT, DPT, SCS brings a unique perspective to industrial injury prevention and performance enhancement. In addition to his role analyzing workplace job demands, implementing injury prevention, and creating on-site wellness programs, Mark has experience treating a wide variety of patients including professional and collegiate athletes, general orthopedic, and workers’ compensation.

Industrial Solutions Services:

Pre-Employment Screenings

Determine if a candidate can safely perform the essential functions of the offered position.

Job Demand Analysis

Identifies a job’s physical, psycho-social and environmental requirements to create accurate job-descriptions and ensure applicant and new-hire compatibility.

Ergonomic Evaluations, Workshops and Program Development

A sustainable ergonomics program that is tailored to a job’s demands environment.

On-Site Wellness Provider

Reduce injuries with an on-site wellness and safety specialist. Specialists are available to address minor soft tissue injuries and to promote a healthy work-environment and lifestyle.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists provide comprehensive hands-on treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and workers compensation rehabilitation.

Virtual First Aid Services

Expedient and cost effective assessment and education following work related MSD injuries.